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The most comprehensive notepad available, courtesy of Microsoft


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OneNote is a type of digital notepad that you can take along in your pocket wherever you go with your Android device, along with all your ideas, reminders, and projects.

OneNote can be easily synched to any computer and devices you have it installed on, so that you can have your notes simultaneously on your phone, computer, tablet, etc.

This Android version of OneNote gives you the option to insert widgets on your main screen, which will allow you to quickly snap photos, audio, and other quick notes without having to open the app.

Within the notes you can apply your desired format: bold, italic, underline, highlighted, larger or smaller indents, etc.

Inside OneNote, users will find a search feature to find any previously taken note. Whether it be an audio note, a photo, or a short text, you’ll just have to start typing its name and you’ll immediately see results.

OneNote is a very comprehensive tool that, like Evernote, will let you keep all your notes with you wherever you are, when on your mobile phone, your desktop computer, or your tablet.
By Raúl Rosso

Requires Android 4.0 o higher